Care center in Bighorn County says they aren't allowing visitors quite yet

With recent direction from Governor Bullock allowing visitors to return to senior and assisted living facilities and a mandate coming out the following day from Bighorn County requiring the use of face masks, one care facility said they aren't planning to allow visitors quite yet. 

Administrator Paul Little Light of the Awe Kualawaache Care Center in Crow Agency said, "I'd like to see some more reduction in cases and the curve go down." He added, "I'm in no hurry to open up my doors."

Little Light said although they aren't allowing visitors just yet, they have been preparing for it. He said part of allowing visitors will be going over protocols with people before they visit. He said, "And, you'll go over pre-visit preparation, making sure they have the proper hand washing techniques. Make sure they recognize social distancing, proper coughing and sneezing procedures. And, proper usage of PPE equipment."

Little Light said they are testing the staff every two weeks for coronavirus. He said the safety of the 21 residents at the facility is the top priority. 

He said, "My main concern is the public opening up too soon and cases rising, potentially affecting our facility."

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