Crash sends one to hospital on Sunday morning

A crash between a semi-truck and a black Ford F-150 sent one to the hospital on Sunday morning. 

The adult male driver of the Ford F-150 was taken out of his vehicle by stretcher and transported to a nearby hospital by AMR.

Sgt. Harley Cagle with Billings Police said he believes the injuries are non-life threatening. 

Sgt. Harley Cagle said a witness told him the semi ran through a red light heading southbound on Gabel Rd. The black pick-up was crossing the intersection on Hesper Rd. when the semi t-boned the vehicle. 

The crash closed the northbound lanes of Gabel Rd at the intersection. The semi was jack-knifed and blocking the northbound lanes. 

The collision also punctured the gas tank of the semi truck, spilling fuel over the road according to Sgt. Cagle. The driver of the semi is also a male. 

Sgt. Cagle said it will be a while before the road re-opens because of the fuel spilling on the road. 

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