Family owned firework supplier gears up for a unique Fourth of July

BILLINGS, Mt. - With traditional Fourth of July celebrations being cancelled all over the state, due to the pandemic, there's been a rise in consumer firework sales.

As the Fourth of July is approaching, Reichenbach Fireworks is gearing up for this year's unique celebrations.

"People have been in their houses for so long, they're ready to get out and do something. It's going to be the Wild Wild West," says owner George Reichenbach.

Although many Fourth of July celebrations have been cancelled, Reichenbach says they've been busy supplying to firework sellers across the state and selling fireworks from their own stands.

Reichenbach says they didn't know what was going to happen or if they were even going to sell fireworks this year. He says a lot of his customers were waiting to the last minute and now fireworks are flying off their warehouse shelves.

Reichenbach receives over 20 containers with each one carrying 13,000 cases of fireworks every year. With over 11,000 different products he manages more than a few warehouses. Even though sales are down a few thousand dollars from last year Reichenbach is anticipating a surge in business in the days leading up to Fourth of July.

"It's picking up quite a bit. We're still down a little bit in sales but we're having our last week of rush and we're going to come out on it," says Reichenbach.

With help from his wife, kids, grandkids and their dog, The Reichenbachs have been working overtime to make sure all of their customers get their fireworks in time to light up the sky on Fourth of July.

“We’ll work through it, we’ve been doing this for 74 years. My dad started in 1946 and we’ve been through a few crises and pandemics and weird stuff, that we just work through it. It’s the only thing you can do," says Reichenbach.

Reichenbach advises everyone purchasing fireworks to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal and most importantly to stay safe.

“And the next time I see them I want to be able to see all five of their fingers or all ten of their fingers. I’m just hoping that we have a safe Fourth of July and no one gets hurt," adds Reichenbach.

If you haven’t had a chance to purchase your fireworks, their stands are open from noon to 10pm everyday until July 5th.

There are two Reichenbach Firework stands in Billings. One is located on the West end of Billings on 64th and Central and the other is on the corner of High Ridge Road in the Heights.


Click here for directions to their Heights location.

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