LIVINGSTON, Mont. - A Park County sheriff's deputy is sharing his story after a semi hit his patrol truck on Dec. 15. 

Deputy Jeffrey Jackson was responding to a slide-off on I-90 near Livingston around 2:20 p.m. on Dec. 15. Suddenly, the woman he was assisting began screaming:

"I saw her eyes get very wide," Deputy Jackson said. "Then, she started screaming. This must have been due to her looking in her rearview mirror as I was at her driver's side mirror. When I saw that, I immediately looked above the hood of her vehicle. I noticed there was a jackknifed semi in the median heading our way. I immediately turned and ran eastward away from the oncoming semi which hit my patrol truck and damaged her vehicle.

I ran 10-12 feet before I was engulfed in a sea of snow from the semi. The semi must have been pushing it. When the snow dissipated and I could see again, I was on my back and I could see that I was under the trailer of the semi."

He added that it was fortunate he was knocked down.

"If I did not fall when I did, I definitely would have gotten hit by the trailer," he said. 

Tow truck operator Matt Watkins responded to the crash. He said it's important for people to remember to slow down and move over when they see stopped emergency vehicles.

"About once or more every week we almost get hit because people won't get over," Watkins said.

Move Over Montana said at least four first responders have been hit this year in Montana: 1 Motor Carrier Service vehicle, 1 Victor fire apparatus resulting in 1 fireman with minor injuries, 1 Park County Sheriff squad vehicle and 1 Sweet Grass County Sheriff squad vehicle. 


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