BILLINGS, Mont. - With lots of questions still needing to be answered on Initiative 190, some dispensaries say they're planning for the future, no matter what happens at the state capitol.

"I'm planning for the future, whether this gets uprooted or gets implemented asap.  We're scaling, and we're in it for the long haul," said Zach Schopp, owner of Seed of Life Labs.

"There's increasing our canopy size for growth space, getting new systems and operations. As you scale that exponentially increases." 

Schopp says he's already looking to physically expand his business with recreational marijuana, despite lawmakers suggesting to push back the October 1st date where dispensaries could apply for a recreational license.

"We could extend the date beyond October the 1st, and that would certainly take of the pressure that DOR is feeling right now," said Representative Bill Mercer from District 46.

Recently the House Appropriations Committee eliminated a $1.3 million request from the Department of Revenue to kick start the recreational marijuana program.

"You know, I would understand it if it's necessary to build the regulations and the structures that are needed to implement the program," Schopp said.

But Schopp says his dispensary is moving ahead anyway, his plan is to sell medical and recreational marijuana at his shop.

"My interpretation is we are going to have to keep products separate, whether they are medical or I'm unsure if a medical patient can purchase medical and recreational," Schopp said.

Lawmakers will have to work out answers to other questions too.

"Are you going to have to be a licensed provider to get first access? Or are they going to allow out-of-state companies to come in right away?"

Lawmakers have not given any timeline for funding resolution or new regulations.

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