Vape ban

MISSOULA, Mont. – Missoula County Commissioners provisionally voted to expand the vape ban five miles beyond city limits in effort to reduce kids’ access to vape products.

The ordinance restricts self-service display of tobacco products and prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco products, which are common in e-cigarettes.

Right now, over half of Montana high school students have used e-cigarettes and one in three students is currently using. City councilwoman Gwen Jones spoke to the commissioners about being a mother.

“My youngest is still in high school. And I got to tell you, the kids are doing it throughout the school,” Jones said. “They are in the bathrooms, in the hallway, they literally sit in the back of the classroom and will blow it into their sleeve, or their shirt or their hoodie. So, this is really rampant.”

The approval is provisional, meaning it will be discussed again on Jan. 28 before there is a final vote of approval.

Public comment is available online, via mail or at the county commissioners meeting on Jan. 28.

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