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MISSOULA, Mont. - In the latest 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast, Angela Marshall and Blake Simonson focus on the disappearance of Jermain Charlo.

Hers is a face that will stop you in your tracks. Yet, it's a face that has not been seen by family, friends and law enforcement for two and a half years.

Charlo is one of Montana's "vanished" Native Americans.

"I hate it," said Charlo's aunt, Valenda Morigeau. "Every day, I feel like… I feel like a piece of my heart is chipping slowly."

"A person doesn't just disappear unless they want to," said Missoula Police Det. Guy Baker. "And Jermain Charlo didn't want to. And there's someone out there that knows what happened to Jermain Charlo."

In a special edition of our 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast, Marshall and Simonson put the focus, not on an unsolved Montana murder, but on a missing Montana woman.

Det. Baker, who is the lead detective on this case, says he believes that Charlo's disappearance is tied to a criminal act.

And he said that he's committed to putting the pieces of this puzzle together.

Marshall asked, "Do you think during your investigation that you've been able to identify a suspect?"

Det. Baker said, "Yes… there's been several suspects and persons of interest who've been identified during the investigation. Some have been ruled out. And some are still suspect. So most definitely, we've identified suspects who we believe are involved in the disappearance of Jermain Charlo."

In this special edition of 'Montana Murder Mysteries, listeners will find out what Det. Baker and family members are doing to maintain the momentum of finding Charlo.

Listeners will also hear how Charlo's story begins a new podcast series: "Vanished: A Native American Epidemic."

You can listen here, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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