Opportunities to get involved and help out this weekend: Day of Service and Great American Cleanup in Billings

BILLINGS, Mont. - There are dozens of opportunities to help out in Billings this weekend with both the Day of Service and the Great American Cleanup scheduled.

Executive Director of Bright n' Beautiful Joanie Tooley said there are teams organized to work on specific areas around Billings, but people are also encouraged to focus on litter pickup in the areas near where they live.

Tooley said there are latex gloves and trash bags available for those who need them. There are also three large garbage containers set up for people to put the litter in: 

-Downtown - Parking lot across the street from Billings Community Center, 360 N. 23rd St. off 4th Ave. North
-Heights - Parking lot of Castle Rock Park, West Wicks and Nutter Blvd.
-West End - Parking lot of Poly Vista Park, 38th St. West and Poly Dr.
Those garbage containers are available now through Sunday, April 25.
"I would just love to see all of these bad boys filled to the brim with litter so Billings can shine all spring," Tooley said.
The Great American Cleanup was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. However, in 2019, volunteers collected about 2 1/2 tons of litter.
There are also opportunities to serve that involve things like building and packing food boxes at Family Service and cleaning up garden plots at Amend Park. Those opportunities and more can be found here

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