On Thursday, the football season kicks off at Daylis Stadium when Billings Senior hosts Butte at 7 PM. Before that, we took some time to speak with School District 2 Activities Director Mark Wahl to learn about what COVID-19 policies are in place.

Many of the policies in place last fall are not in place in 2021. Teams are no longer to required to contact trace and they have not been practicing in pods this season.

Despite a mask mandate in schools, Wahl said coaches and players will not be required to wear masks while participating in their activity.

As for the fans, there will be no limit on attendance this year for outdoor or indoor events but Wahl says social distancing and masks are encouraged. Wahl says all decisions are focused on the overall safety of the students with a goal to have the most normal season possible.

"We tell our kids to do things that keep them healthy as possible so they can be on the field. We really want them to participate we think kids playing is part of their health program, and so kids love to do it, love being with their teammates and it's important we do it as much as we can we have to find a balance between the COVID protocols and participation and we hope we find them," said Wahl.

You can watch the full interview to hear more from Wahl about the COVID-19 policies in place.

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