SD2 Superintendent Greg Upham

BILLINGS - During School District Two's board meeting Monday, board members unanimously voted to extend Superintendent Greg Upham's contract through the school year of 2024.

Along with Upham, the board members reflected on the past year, pointing out the numerous challenges educators faced. The board then discussed Upham's performance review, where he received 37 distinguished marks and eight proficient.

"I think you should be proud of every comment that is in here. They are all definitely positive. I hope you choose to engage the trustees about their comments to the degree that you're constantly looking for additional insights and critiques from which you can improve, because there is always room for improvement," Vice Chair Joseph Raffiani said.

The board briefly commented on Upham's salary of $168,300 dollars, making him the third highest paid AA superintendent, even though he handles the largest district with over 16,000 students.

"As we all know, we have the most students in the district. Missoula does pay their superintendent a higher salary, and they have about half of our student population. For point of reference, I think it was important to include that information so we're aware of where our superintendent falls," a board member said. 

Following the discussions, the board then voted on extending Upham's contract through the 2024 school year.

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