A study conducted by HelpAdvisor.com shows that more than 30% of households with children ages 12-17 in Montana will probably not or definitely not vaccinate their children. That is the third highest percentage of vaccine hesitancy among children in the entire U.S.

West Virginia leads, with 32% vaccine hesitancy, and Wyoming ranks second with 31%.

HelpAdvisor.com determined the states with the highest percentage of households with children ages 12 to 17 that reported those children will “probably not” or “definitely not” get vaccinated for COVID-19 by analyzing the U.S. Census Bureau’s Weekly Household Pulse Survey.

Over 30% of households in Montana said they are concerned about the possible side effects from the COVID vaccine as the top reason for “probably not” or “definitely not” vaccinating their children.

Of households in the state with children that weren't already vaccinated, just 7% said they were definitely going to get vaccinated.

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