miles city hail

BILLINGS, Mont. - A severe thunderstorm with tennis ball sized hail hit Miles City this week, leaving some residents with damaged property and even injuries.

Miles City local Abigail Ryman saw and felt the tennis ball sized hail first hand that Wednesday night. 

Ryman says she left work and started driving home around 5:45 pm when she noticed heavy rain that quickly turned into pea sized hail.

Ryman says when she pulled up to her driveway, the hail had turned into the size of tennis balls and started striking her windshield.

As she ran from her vehicle to her house, Ryman covered her head, but could not protect her back, leaving the Miles City resident with large bruises.

According to Ryman the storm only lasted 10 minutes, but the experience may stay with her for a while.

"Definitely emotionally scarring, when I opened the door to go outside last night the rain was coming down and I was like yeah.. No, I definitely feel like I have dreams about it, and then my physical pain to my back, I can't lean back in chairs or anything.", said Ryman.

Not only did the storm do damage to the Miles City resident, but her pick up and house have hail damage that could cost up 25,000 dollars to repair, according to Ryman. 

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