LAME DEER, Mont. - The Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council and Administration authorized the elimination of all dogs found unleased in residential housing areas on the reservation, effective immediately.

All tenants leasing or renting from the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Housing Authority must comply with animal control regulations and ordinances, in accordance with the Admission and Occupancy Policy.

Dogs found roaming throughout the reservation will be eliminated, as stated in a release. If you own a dog, you are strongly urged to leash and control it. 

The Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council and Administration says all dogs that are not properly leashed or contained will be humanely euthanized.

In addition, you are asked to continue reporting all issues related to the Dog Ordinance to BIA OJS law enforcement at 406-477-6288.

For more information or to report aggressive, unleashed dogs, call 406-720-3525.

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