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SPOKANE, Wash. - The 81st annual Spokane Lilac Festival Parade is happening Saturday night. It's one of Spokane's favorite traditions as floats cruise down the streets of Downtown Spokane with princesses and queens representing communities from all over our region.

During Western Art Week two local game designers also got a chance to set up and showcase their own art, computer gaming art.   This is the first time virtual reality carves a place among the ranks at the  western art show.       In a corner of the Four Seasons Arena the Hughes brothers set up their own world of virtual reality. Josh Hughes is the President of Attaudes Entertainment and lead game designer he said this brings the art of designing games to...

In Bozeman dozens of community members voice concern over a $10 million project to redo Kagy Blvd. That plan is being met with resistance because one of the proposals considers expanding Kagy to four lanes instead of two. While an expansion will help with the growing number of cars on the road in Bozeman, bicyclists say that’s not the safest decision.