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Trump said in a recent move the Canadian Government is now blocking dairy imports from American ranchers. Even with the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada said no. How will ranchers be affected? In an interview last month, President Trump blames NAFTA for hardships that Mid-Western dairy farmers are facing. 

There have been many reports, lately, across the nation about the struggling agriculture economy...including right here in Montana. With barley being one of the top three cash crops in Montana that could soon change in the coming months. Our reporters spoke with one rancher in Power Montana who says that farmers are looking for alternative crops like peas, alfalfa and hay to make up for this massive hit. Farmers like Erik Somerfeld said that with his eleven percent cut he might hav...

You may have noticed the weather has been a bit temperamental this week. We were curious how shifts in weather, like huge temperature changes or a sudden storm, can affect local crops. We spoke with Erik Somerfeld, who farms wheat and barley in Power.