With currently 14 wide receivers on the Montana State Football squad this season, Lance McCutcheon is the lone senior leader of the group. Though there are only five upperclassmen wideouts, the Bozeman High grad is ready to represent the blue and gold one last time in his hometown. 
"There's a lot of pride playing here in my hometown," McCutcheon said in a zoom press conference with the media. 
"My family's here which is huge and then a lot of my family friends who have watched me grow from middle school football to high school and now college." 
Since two all-time great receivers for the Cats, Travis Jonsen, who's now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Kevin Kassis have graduated, McCutcheon knows he has some big shoes to fill. Wide Receivers Coach, Justin Udy, is confident that the senior will capitalize on the opportunity. 
"For him he's waited a long time and this is going to be a special season for him," Udy said. 
"Is it always going to be perfect, no, and we know that, but being able to push forward and get the most out of this opportunity is something that drives him everyday." 
Everyday McCutcheon works towards one goal, as he not only learns how to master both the outside and slot positions, but also learns how to lead a primarily young position group.
"Consistency is the biggest thing I do for my last year for myself and for my team. That's catching not just the easy balls or the wide open ones, it's the ones that are covered on and well-defended. Consistency through the 11 given games and whatever games we get after...consistency from game one till the last game." 
In the 2019 season, McCutcheon caught 13 passes for 197 yards and two touchdowns. Bobcat fans are expected to see much more of him in the Sonny Holland Classic on Saturday, April 24.