GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Natali Bosley is a senior volleyball player at CMR whose impact on those around her can be seen in everything she is involved in.

"She is the glue of the team," said junior Norah Allen. "She really just has all of our backs and she is the one person we can all look to if we are struggling or if we need any help."

Natalie isn't always the player who makes the flashy play on the court, but someone who CMR head coach Patrick Hiller can rely upon.

"Natalie brings all of that extra stuff that you need at that moment when things get rough or don't go your way, or maybe the girls don't understand just how good of a moment that was, Natalie understands all of those things. She celebrates everybody's success just as if they were hers."

Outside of sports, Natalie offers her help in any way that she can. Whether it's being a resource for her classmates or teammates to talk to or volunteering her time through community service, she is always there to help.

"Each year the volleyball team volunteers at the Cameron Center and we help with the pack your bags drive, said Bosley. "We help bring out boxes full of backpacks and hand them out to kids who need it. For basketball, we do a few camps and came and help teach kids the fundamental of basketball. We are not only coaches and friends to the campers, but also role models."

On top of community service, Natalie helps her fellow classmates in their faith. As a student leader of CMR's Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Natalie helps her classmates engage in faith-based discussion.

"We come together every Wednesday morning and we talk about God and how we can apply our faith to our sports. We also talk about how we can be better athletes and help others through our religion. I love FCA it's the highlight of my week."

From being a great teammate on the court to lending a helping hand to the people in the community and being a leader amongst her peers, Natalie Bosley goes above and beyond to make a positive and meaningful impact on the people around her.