As each position group for the Montana Grizzlies continues to put in their work this fall camp, perhaps there is no position that has seen more improvement than the offensive line. It was a group that really struggled a few years ago when Bobby Hauck first returned to Missoula, but now the feel they have trul returned to their motto of DOLA (dominant offensive line attitude).

It is a veteran group anchored by seniors Dylan Cook and Conlan Beaver at the tackle position along with numerous upper classmen that will all get playing time inside, including a couple of drop downs from Power 5 conferences.

"I think it is pretty well understood in football in general that in order to be a championship level team, which we are expected to be, you have to have a dominant offensive line and that has been the focus this whole offseason going back to last fall," said sophomore center A.J. Forbes.

"Having an O-line you can trust is very impoirtant and seeing the guys trust us more and rely on us is very important to me and the rest of DOLA," said senior guard Moses Mallory. "But we are not done and we are trying to get better everyday."

During the 2021 spring season the offensive line paved the way for running backs, leading to an average of over five yards per carry during those games against Central Washington and Portland State. Additionally they did not allow a single sack in those games.