GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Well, it’s early in the season but both the Argos men's and women's teams are off to a great start so far, with the men sitting at 5-1 and the women sitting at 6-1. But with Thanksgiving, both squads are taking it as an opportunity to reflect, refresh and recharge for the holiday.

“You know, I’m happy with where we’re at , it’s where we wanted to be,” said Argos women’s basketball coach Bill Himmelberg.”We had a tough game against Thomas More, number 1 in the country, to kind of measure where we’re at, coming out of that 6-1 and ready to go into conference, got a couple conference games and then some more non-conferences to work on things. So, I'm really pleased with where we’re at now and need to continue to get better every day.”

“We got a bunch of new guys, so everyone's kind of learning what I expect and what their role is,” stated Argos men’s basketball coach, Steve Keller. “And if you asked me if we were gonna be 5-1 at this time, I would’ve told you probably not. We had a great weekend last weekend. So, you know, we’ve been shooting the three ball pretty well but the part I like most about our team is how well they share the basketball”

“Turnovers have been a big problem for us so we’ve been focused on that quite a bit,” added Himmelberg. “So, that’s something we’re going to continue to work on, just taking care of the basketball.” 

Richard Tieman: ”Overall grade you’d give your girls so far?”

Bill Himmelberg: “You know, exactly where we wanted to be, so I’d say B+”

Steve Keller: “Well I never think we do anything very well, but you know, I think we’re B-, B+, something like that.”

Alright, good starts, good grades, now we just need some good food! 

-”Prime rib”

Come on, we had to talk about Thanksgiving!

Here's some holiday food fun with the Argos!

RT: “What is the most underrated dish at Thanksgiving?

-Underrated? It’s gotta be Green Bean casserole”

-”Mashed potatoes”

-”Mac and Cheese”

-”I’m gonna have to say probably ham”

-”Green Bean casserole”

RT: “Now, some word association. Turkey.”

-”Mashed potatoes”

-”Mashed potatoes”


RT: “Ok, she didn’t say mashed potatoes thankfully”

RT: “Stuffing”



RT: “Pie?”


RT: “Alright, the great debate, white or dark meat?”

-”I’m gonna have to go dark meat”



-”It’s gotta be light meat”

-“Dark meat”

RT: “And the best sports reporter in Great Falls is..”


RT: “Wow! Look how quick she was on that. Thank you we have a winner”

Happy Thanksgiving from Great Falls!