GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Meet Aden Graves. A 4-time Class A wrestling state champion, from Sidney Montana, who decided to bring his talents to Great Falls.

Rather than wrestle for big names like North Dakota State or the University of Minnesota, Graves committed to the University of Providence. Because he believes that being an argo will take him to that next level.

“Talking to a bunch of my teammates, I knew a bunch of them before I came here, I knew they were all good people that were goal oriented,” stated Graves. “And you know, they wanted to strive for a national title and make each other better. And then coaches, I knew that they could take my wrestling to a level that I wanted it to be.”

“You know, I think the selling point is just that we really believe in him,” stated Argos wrestling coach Steve Komac. “We believe he’ll make an impact on our program in a really big way. And like I said, just on and off the mat, I think he’ll make a positive impact on our program.”

So far so good for Aden and the Argos, as Graves is off to a great start in his collegiate career, including a thrilling victory over Frontier Conference rival, MSU Northern. And as for the rest of the season, the goal for Graves is quite simple.

“Just wrestle every day hard and learn from everything that the coaches are telling me and just wrestle hard for 7 minutes,” said Graves. “Be “Argo Tough” and that’s certainly the mentality that Komac brings, you know, is just be tough. You’re gonna be tough for 7 minutes and that’s kind of what I’ve taken away so far, is just be tough in those 7 minutes and you’re pretty hard to beat if you’re tough.”

“You know, we have a recruiting class this year that we’re really excited about and Aden is one of those kids that helps that,” added Komac. “When good athletes choose your program and good kids choose your program, it definitely helps you recruit past that, and Aden will be helping us for several years to come with recruiting.”

You can catch Aden and the Argos on their home mat Friday, December 2nd.