BILLINGS--The Class A football playoffs are underway, and the Billings Central Rams are preparing to head into the playoffs with just one loss during the regular season. They said they've used their bye week to get back to basics. 

"We're not really changing too much, just kind of getting focused back in and back into the swing of things," senior center/noseguard Seth Benge said. 
"Well, we just kind of went back to the basics," senior guard/defensive tackle Alex Walter said. "More of the stuff we did at the start of the season, just fundamentals and going through it one step at a time and making sure we're ready for the next team we play." 
The Rams only loss this season was to Fergus, where they scored only one touchdown all game, a big difference from their normal 35, 47, and 68 points in games this year. 
"It was obviously tough, you know, we had a pretty long game, and it was tough," Walter said. "Their defense is pretty good, and we just couldn't find any answers. So, I hope we see them again and we'll be ready for them this time."
"It's more about how you respond than the actual loss itself," Benge said. "So, yeah, you learn more from the losses than you do the wins."
The Rams take on Dillon in their first playoff game, which they said is a team that at least their defense is familiar with.
"Our coaches said our entire defense, it started way back in the 2000s, and it was designed to stop Dillon when they were the powerhouse," Benge said. "So, really it's just, we got to do what we do best, and all things should follow after that."
"They've got a good offense, they have a couple good guys, and we'll be focusing on just kind of stopping those main dudes and then just, like I said earlier, just sticking to the basics and the fundamentally sound stuff," Walter said. 
Billings Central will take on Dillon on Saturday at Herb Klindt field.