BILLINGS--Billings Central softball was knocked off in the state championship game last season after Frenchtown won back-to-back games to take home the title. While that still stings, they're using it as a motivator this season for their young roster. 
"Definitely. We want to strive to be the best this season, and last season I think we did a really good job for how young we were, but we definitely want to get a little bit better," junior infielder GG Hastings said.
Their roster, which also co-ops with Joliet, is made up of one senior, two juniors, and the rest underclassmen. Although they're young, they feel like they have a strong foundation. 
"Our roster is pretty young this year, but I think we have a lot of really raw talent that we're going to be able to put together really well this year," senior pitcher Brooke Thompson said.
"With our team being super young, it's been really fun, we have a lot of fun personalities, and I think we're doing really well for how young we are," Hastings said.
It's too early in the season for official team mottos, but for now, they're trying to just embrace the experience. 
"We haven't really formally come up with one, but the one we all really liked was 'enjoy the ride,' because something that's really big that I've learned in my high school career is that the most important part is that you enjoy it," Thompson said. "And if you don't enjoy it, you've got to change the scenery, you have to change up what you're doing to make sure you do enjoy it, because that's the most important part, and these girls definitely make the ride very enjoyable." 
They feel like they have the potential to be a strong team on every area of the field as they continue to grow this season.