HELENA, Mont.- Our next Mattress Firm Student of the Week is a young man that makes time for his community, regardless of what it takes. Unless he's sleeping or on the football field, you can almost always find Helena-Capital High senior Tucker Zanto giving back the community he has always called home. 

On the weekends Tucker Zanto spends his time running errands for the elderly, mowing lawns, reffing small fry football, and coaching flag football. And while most kids his age would be looking to use their free time in other ways, Tucker doesn't regret his decision one bit. 

"You know, on my weekends I mow lawns on the weekends, I work on the weekends, so I don't have as much free time, but that's fine with me. I'm helping other people out, and it's just not about myself you know? You got to help out other people. You know, if the world was just about each other, we wouldn't get anything done, you've got to sacrifice time to help those in need," said Zanto, Bruins’ senior linebacker & offensive lineman. 

Most of his week is spent on the football field, headlining a defense that has pitched a few shutouts and is regularly forcing turnovers. Making time for both that and community service is why his head coach believes he's such a great leader.

"We talk leadership all the time, and that's what a leader does, I mean he's a guy who has his house in order, meaning in all aspects of his life, he's good in the classroom, he's good in the weight room, he's good in the community, he's good on the field," said Bruins head coach Kyle Mihelish. 

Tucker is able to use his leadership skills in all facets of life. Whether he's coaching flag football, playing football himself, or even leading the charge as the president of the national honor society, he's always putting himself in a position to show others the way to success. 

“I mean, you can rely on him, that's the biggest thing. You can trust him and if he tells you to do something, you don't have to question if you're doing the right thing or not. You know, he's going to lead you on the right path and he's going to lead the team to success, lead you to success in school, and just make you a better person overall," said Bruins junior wide receiver Jack Drynan. 

Zanto also took time away from our interview to mention how many different guys on the team also do community work and that he's grateful they can all represent bruin nation well, and that is why Tucker Zanto is our Mattress Firm Student of the Week.