GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Although the weather can’t seem to make up its mind lately, a Lady Rustler and Lady Bison were able to make up their minds, as 2 local volleyball stars signed their letters of intent for where they’ll bump, set, and spike at the next level.

C.M. Russell’s Norah Allen and Great Falls High’s Harli Graves, signed on the dotted line this week to continue their volleyball career beyond high school.

For Allen, she’ll head south to Carroll College to be a Fighting Saint, while Graves heads east a bit farther to be a Pioneer at Miles City.

“I have to be close to my family or else I’ll miss them too much. And then they can come watch me play too,” said Norah. “I think the coaches are fantastic and the girls are super nice, they made me feel really welcomed. And the school is just amazing, and I think I belong anywhere else.”

“Growing up, my sister played volleyball and so I’ve always been inspired by her,” said Harli. “It’s a junior college, so it’s a great start going into college. It's a big change obviously, moving away from home, so it’ll be nice to start out at a smaller campus.” 

While both are excited for what's next, Graves however, says she has one goal left before graduation.

“I wanna win “Senior Assassin”.

Wait. Say what now?

“It’s like a big Nerf gun war. Haha. We get assigned targets and you gotta sneak up on them.”

I wish they’d had that at my high school, but best of luck to these ladies in the next phase of their lives.