Gallatin High School senior, Patrick Williamson, has brought happiness into every area of his life. One of those places is the soccer field. 

"I like coming out here with my teammates, joking around at practice is one of my favorite things to do," Williamson said. 

The center back also spent eight years working to become an Eagle Scout. 

"You learn a lot of lessons about how to grow up, how to be financially responsible and physically fit and you get to learn how to help your community." 

The 3.8 G.P.A. student took what he learned from scouting and into volunteering weekly at Bozeman Health. 

"My mom's a nurse and just seeing her help people, and helping people myself has always been super big in my life," Williamson said. "It always brings a smile to my face to see others smile." 

Some say the senior brings his positive attitude everywhere he goes. 

"The dedication to get his eagle scout badge and on top of that volunteering at the hospital, which he didn't tell anyone, that's a pretty cool community member right there," Raptors' Head Coach, Ben Hietala said. 

"He encourages to do the right thing when no one's looking and that's a huge part of his life," Raptors midfielder, Simon Scott said. "He does everything by the book, he's really clinical about how he does things in his life."

Williamson plans to attend medical school and become a surgeon in hopes to take what he's learned from playing soccer, scouting and volunteering and bring it into the rest of his life. 

"You can't get anywhere by yourself, it's always important to have support and have people who are looking out for you. If you're all working towards one goal it gets done a lot easier."