Lockwood Boys Basketball

LOCKWOOD- The Lockwood Lions are braving their first varsity basketball season in Class A. And while there are ups and downs, the team has certainly been competitive, and already has a couple wins to their name. 

The Lions earned a conference win over Hardin and beat Huntley Project of Class B earlier this season. 

As a newcomer to the varsity level, there are no seniors on a roster comprised of sophomores and juniors. The guys say they recognize that as a new program with all the shiny bells and whistles that Lockwood boasts, all eyes are on them. 

"I feel like we're the underdogs for everything but I don't pay attention to that. Just keep working hard through everything. ups and down," said junior guard Jaren Knows His Gun. 
The two wins are some of the ups for the Lions. Competing with Billings Central for three quarters was also a high, until they let the Rams tighten their group and runaway with a 20-point win in their home gym. Those are some of the teaching moments a young program goes through, and these guys know it's a process. 
"We just have to go compete and you know the goal everyone wants to win state we are trying to build on to that right now and get a winning attitude in Lockwood," senior guard Jey Hofer said. 
Another thing the Lockwood roster doesn't have much of his size. The Lions list just one forward on the entire team, making the group a fast bunch who plays a run and gun style with multiple shooters. 
"Run up the court in transition and we have stuff to get into our offense but we also have a lot of freedom as well," Hofer said. 
Hofer came to Lockwood from Huntley and said he did so to be a part of something bigger than himself and make history. Knows His Gun comes to the Lions from Colstrip. Guys who haven't played together long are working each day to build team chemistry, united by a will to get better and love for the game. 
"Basketball brings us together. We all love the sport, it's just our home,"  Knows His Gun said. 
And if you haven't made it to Lockwood High School yet, their home court is a sight to see. The Lions host Big Timber on Friday night at 7:30 PM. The girls play before them at 6 PM.