POWER, Mont- This week’s Mattress Firm Student of the Week goes out to one girl who's impacting high school students all around, by a little something called Cinderella’s Closet.

For many students, the homecoming dance or prom may be the highlight of their year and Amara Bodkins has found a unique way to help contribute to that special day.

Amara is a senior and a well-known leader in the Power High School athletic department but she's also well known for her service throughout the hallways and the community.

For the last four years, Amara has been a part of the student council, 4-H, and FCCLA, helping with food drives and making quilts to donate.

It wasn't until last year that the special Cinderella Closet came about.

"We rent out Stuckey Storage in Great Falls where we have all the dresses and then each year we hold an event for people to come to get the dresses and they can use them for proms, homecomings, and then they bring the dresses back for other people to use," said Amara.

After weeks of promoting the new idea, Amara and the other helpers were shocked at how fast the donations were coming in.

"Dresses were coming in all over the place, our rooms were just filled with dresses, we had to find bigger spaces and it was an amazing experience for her," said FCCLA Advisor, Lauren Vick.

"We received donations from so many people we didn't think that it would get this big, so we held a large event at the hall," said Amara.

Since opening up Cinderellas Closet Amara has been able to hand out dozens of dresses and help students all across Central Montana.

"Amara is a hard worker and overall, well-rounded student. She’s wonderful and she represents the community and makes sure everybody is taken care of... she's just an overall great student," said Student Council Advisor Derren Auger.

Next school year Amara plans to head to Montana State University to complete pre-veteran medicine, but before she goes she's doing everything she can to make sure their doors stay open.

"I’m going to try letting the younger students continue this like some of the younger girls, or even guys if they want to join and stay in contact with Kristen because I know that she really wants to continue it going and I know everyone else has benefited from it too," said Amara.