Three Forks's senior, Allyson Kamps, has embraced every opportunity to improve herself over the past four years of high school, especially after surviving a severe car accident during her sophomore year. 

“I kind of started this moment of panic where I thought this is how it ends you know I’m 16 years old and I’m going to suffocate right here because I can’t lift myself up," Kamps said. 

She fractured her neck and was in recovery for seven weeks before returning to her normal everyday life, but she has only excelled from that point on as a four-year member of the volleyball team, the President of Speech and Drama Club, and a nine-year volunteer for 4-H, dedicating roughly 20 hours a week to her responsibilities all while keeping a positive attitude.

“She’s turned into a team leader. She’s one of the first ones done with drills, she's not afraid to ask questions if she doesn’t understand and the younger kids really do look up to her," Wolves Volleyball Coach, Tracy Welter said. "They see Ally and what she’s overcome, what she’s been able to do, and they know it’s out there and it’s attainable.” 

“She’s that one girl you walk into practice who just makes you smile and laugh. She’s always there for you, she’s like our motivational speaker," teammate, Savannah Jensen said. "We were able to be partners and she just makes you feel like you’re a part of the team.”

“I asked Ally why she’s enjoyed Speech and Drama so much over the past four years and her response to me without hesitation was because it’s challenging," Speech and Drama Coach, Greg Overman said. "That’s the perfect anecdote for her as a student, she embraces challenge, she wants to learn and she’s always finding ways to be better.” 

While the 4.0 student has continued to find ways to make herself and her community better, she says the most important lesson she's learned is to never take anything for granted. 

“You never really know and so every moment now that I’m able to do something that I love I enjoy is a special moment because it could all change in an instant.” 

Kamps plans to attend college and study medicine in hopes eventually help others overcome similar setbacks to the one she endured her sophomore year.