GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Day 2 of 2 for the Annual Blewett Kicking Camp was held at the Paris Gibson Education Center football field Wednesday evening.

Richard Tieman: “Last week we kind of went through the WHO, the WHAT, the WHERE, the WHEN, and the WHY, and today is the HOW. Everything they teach these kids at the annual camp to make them a pro kicker one day.”

“Now, you may have missed it, but Zach (Kaplan) said he could probably make a PAT. Which is how far these days guys? 20 yards? I’ve got my helpers here. We have Anders Blewett, Trevor and Tyler Bolton, Luke McKinley, and Drew Blewett down there at the end. So what do you think, could I make a PAT by the end of this?”

Instructors: “Yeah!”

RT: “Alright let’s do this!”

The highly qualified instructors took turns explaining to the camp participants the 3 different techniques of successful kicking that they'd be teaching them today.

-The “no-step”

-The “one step”

-And the “3-step”

“The “no-step” is important just to get the ball rolling right off the bat,” Explained former Montana State Kicker, Tyler Bolton. “It’s how you warm up. Get your foot placement, as you can see these guys behind me. It’s a good fundamental practice to start with, so it just shows your plant food where to go, and it also strengthens your leg with no steps. It forces you to hit good contact and really strengthen that leg.”

“One step is right after the no-step,” added Tyler’s brother Trevor Bolton, another former Montana State Kicker. “Just moving back to the full progression. The one step is really important, more for your plant foot, and just getting a feel for where that needs to be in relation to the holder and the ball. Just working on the fundamentals and technique of following through with that plant foot.”

“You need to put it through the goalposts,” chuckled former MSU-Northern kicker, Luke McKinley. “So, when I kick with the “3-step”, I just kind of idled it up based on how far back it was, you know.”

With my new kicking cleat that Anders let me borrow, I went through all 3 phases, and it wasn’t looking good. At all.

Then, finally, the moment of truth was finally here.

MY attempt at a PAT.. 


So there you have it. I successfully completed the Blewett Kicking Camp and converted a field goal from the distance of a PAT. Your move Zach.