BOZEMAN, Mont. – The FCS National Championship game between Montana State University and North Dakota State University has created an off-the-field competition to lower the cost of course materials for students at either school.

MSU Bookstore IT Manger Rob Kailey has worked with the nonprofit for over two decades and said the excitement for Frisco, Texas, is at an all-time high with thousands of shirts and other merchandise flying off the shelves in Bozeman.

“Our goal is to lower the cost of course materials for MSU students so the average margin on textbooks in the country is around 25%, ours is 15% or less," Kailey said. "We have currently sold 1,227, they’ve sold 116 so you know that’s a real testament I think to the excitement that bobcat fans are finding in this.”

The side-bet leading up to the 10 a.m. Jan. 8 kickoff involves two $250 textbook scholarships.

1. Which bookstore can sell more logo gear leading up to kick off.

2. Which bookstore can sell more of their "FCS National Championship" shirt style.

With the latest update on numbers for MSU merchandise sold – excitement might be an understatement.

What the bookstore had left in gear, they packed up into a trailer and drove it down to Texas on Jan. 5 as the MSU Bookstore was on the brink of selling out.

The MSU Bookstore is a student and faculty owned nonprofit 501c3 paying for all of their expenses apart from the university or the student body with the goal to lower course material costs for students.

Bobcat family Devan, Brittani, Sutton and Parker Hoiness along with their 30-plus year season ticket holding grandfater Dick Zier were shopping in the MSU Bookstore before heading down to the championship game on Thursday.

"We drove up from Billings last night and then we came to the bookstore to get the 'Road to Frisco' sweatshirts and t-shirts to be ready to travel down to the game... Go Cats Go!” Devan Hoiness and family said.

The MSU Bookstore has a trailer down at Toyota Stadium for Bobcat fans looking to get some championship gear and you can find more merchandise and information on the MSU Bookstore here.