BUTTE, Mont. -- It's only natural for a point guard to be a leader. That's what a point guard is--a floor general, barking out calls, setting up screens, and assisting teammates in order to put points on the scoreboard.

So it's no surprise that Butte Central senior Sofee Thatcher fits the bill perfectly.

"Her ability to lead this year has been proven just by her being out on the floor," said Butte Central girls' basketball coach Meg Murphy. "She is constantly motivating the younger kids. She looks after it. She's always that kid that's talking about how she wants to win."

Thatcher is a unique talent, excelling from a young age on the basketball court, as well as on the volleyball court and in the pitching circle playing softball.

She's a superb multi-sport athlete. But if you get to her know, you'll realize she's an even better person.

"I volunteered at the clothing drive, which was here [at the Maroon Activities Center] on Saturday," Thatcher said. "We put on Thanksgiving dinners that I volunteered at. And just little things, just around school--if anyone needs help, I'll help, and other stuff like that."

Thatcher plays an integral role in her community. In addition to helping at the clothing drive, she's a member of the National Honor Society and a key contributor to her student council, helping to plan homecoming, a monogram dance, and a food drive in time for Thanksgiving.

"We have a dress code at Butte Central, so in order to have free dress, you had to bring a bag of food, and each bag of food you brought was a day of free dress," Thatcher said. "Once that was finished, we brought it all to the food bank, and then it was just distributed through there."

Thatcher's leadership and her desire to help other people come naturally. It makes sense for a point guard; they're always looking to facilitate with that inside pass for a bucket. And she does plenty of that facilitating, even when she's off the court.

"It's like comforting to me; I was born into it," Thatcher said. "My dad especially is big about being a leader and just being who I am. It's very easy, comes natural to me. I don't know, I like having the kind of pressure. It's not too hard, it's not too easy. It's just a good job for me, I think."

That positive mindset keeps Thatcher motivated to do her best, and it's translated into togetherness and success among her community and among her teammates.

"They went from winning one game two years ago to winning the conference last year," Murphy said. "A lot of that is just because they like each other, they have fun, they have a lot of good chemistry amongst them, and they look out for each other."

A natural-born leader and helper both on and off the court, Butte Central's Sofee Thatcher is this week's Mattress Firm Student of the Week.