MISSOULA, Mont. -- The Hellgate girls basketball team is off to a 3-0 start this year, and rank among the top contenders in Class AA girls basketball. On the court they've been formidable, because off the court they have leaders like Lauren Dick.

"It is very important to me," Dick said. "I take a lot of pride in like this team, and just being at Hellgate. I'm very proud to be a Hellgate student and its important to me to be a good leader."

When she's not on the court, Lauren is a leader in the Hellgate community, serving as the senior class vice president. Earlier this school year, she helped organize a fun run along with her peers before thanksgiving to help families in the community facing food insecurity.

"We did a run and we called it Strutting for Stuffing and it was to, to fundraise for meals that we could serve for people at Hellgate that like need it," Dick said.

"So we raised money for two meals that we gave to families. And then we did spend for groceries for Christmas, for families that also needed it at Hellgate."

She's also an important of her own family on the court. As one of seven seniors on this year's Hellgate team, she hopes to continue leading them to a spot in the state tournament.

"Lauren's special. She's a coach's dream," co-head coach Brady Henthorn said.

"I mean she comes, she brings the energy, she brings a big smile and is really the glue for the rest of the girls. Just helping everybody show up, bring 100 percent every single day and just knowing what to expect."

She sets an example both on the court and by serving her community, which makes Hellgate's Lauren Dick our Mattress Firm Student of the Week.