Panthers Senior Pitcher, Arin Eaton has played a big part in the continued success of Belgrade Softball. Along with earning second-team all-conference honors last season as well as being a finalist for Gatorade Player of the Year, she's a performer on and off the field.

"I play the trumpet and I've been playing since I was in fifth grade," Eaton said. "That's when I first started talking to a lot of the band members and getting super close with them."

The honor student is also close with her teammates. Some say Eaton's dedication to her sport, her music and her passion for helping youth softball players learn the game is inspiring.

"She definitely sets the example for everyone either her age or younger," Panthers Senior Catcher, Shaylis Osler said. "She's able to show the confidence, the focus, she's the best team leader that we've got."

"I think that she's a great example of what a Belgrade student athlete should look like," Panthers Softball Coach, Joey Roberts said. "Not many girls work harder than she does and that's something that trickles down to everyone in the program all the way down to the juniors, sophomores, freshman, she leads by example and the girls follow that."

While the girls follow in her footsteps, Eaton plans to continue living by her belief of being involved in more than just one activity.

"Sports can be really stressful at times and then playing an instrument is really calming and relaxing so I just think having that balance in life is really good."

Eaton hopes to continue playing softball in college and study Forensics.