Student of The Week: Hailey Carpenter

Hailey Carpenter volunteers with the local American Legion Post in Helena assisting with their many events. During her Sophomore year she received recognition for volunteering over 100 hours at the Fort Harrison VA. She volunteered for this years socially distanced Princess Tea Party with Helena’s Playable Playgrounds. Hailey also took part in conservation projects like highway cleanups and the Missouri Watershed project. Groups came together to remove invasive plants from the banks and planted native plants in there place. Hailey is also very accomplished with Scouts BSA. 

"I really wanted to use scouts as a way to volunteer with veterans and also branch out and do something that could be very beneficial for other people which is saying girls can be in scouts too and you can accomplish all of these other things," Carpenter said.

And accomplish, she did, Carpenter became the first girl in Montana to receive one of the most prestigious awards in scouts.

"Hailey is a very impressive young lady, I watched her not only earn her Eagle scout back in September she was the first girl in Montana to receive the Eagle Scout award she also got 38 merit badges which gave her all three palms for her eagle scout which is a very impressive thing to do," Scouts leader Bill Rich said.

"I've actually received two of the 100-hour volunteer awards out at the VA hospital I spend a lot of my time there really just talking to veterans and hearing their stories and spending a lot of time with them...these people are giving up a lot to fight for our country to fight for all sorts of different things so as I became older and my mom started working with veterans and my dad became more involved with the American Legion, I just thought that it would be fun to learn more about these guys and women, and what they did and why they did it and just their stories," Carpenter said.

After track season finishes, Hailey has her sites set on the Carroll College nursing program where she will continue to help out the community.

"She definitely sets a goal and goes after what she wants, I think she will be a very good nurse and I'm proud of her and all I can say is congratulations for what you've achieved in your life, thank you, Hailey," Rich said.