ANACONDA, Mont. - Accelerate Anaconda plans to open a dog park for locals and tourists in the community. 

Anaconda dog park would be located on the corner of Juniper and Tammany Street. 

The area would provide a safe space for dogs to roam, play and exercise off-leash. 

There will be two separate areas in the park. An assigned 850 feet would be blocked off for big dogs and 170 feet of the park will be a playground for smaller dogs. 

In addition, the park plans to have dog waste trash bins, rules signs, water fountains, and benches for the community to use. 

Anaconda Community Development Director Teah Fuller said she has already seen a lot of community support for this project. 

"It's really important that community members have a place to take their dog to socialize and to socialize themselves. A lot of dog lovers we have talked to so many people in town that actually travel on the weekends to take their dogs to dogs parks it's one of those things the community needs and it's time," Fuller said.

Accelerate Anaconda needs around $25,000 in community support to move forward with this project. 

Once the dog park funding is more secured the group will seek permission from the county commission and planning board. 

More information on the potential Anaconda Dog Park can be found here. 

The Anaconda Dog Park donation link can be found here. 

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