Hannah Parker

School: Paris Gibson Education Center

Accomplishments: Finishing a month early while going their junior year as a “freshman” meanwhile about to have a baby.

Future Plans: I plan to move to Florida in September to try it out, maybe go to college there to become a Forensic Pathologist.

Extracurriculars: I am currently doing a Medical Terminology class for college credits.

Favorite Quote: “Sour & Sweet, Sour Patch Kids”. I’m sure sure if you’d consider that a quote, although it explains every girl in my family.😂

Favorite Memory: The many funny conversations with the teachers.

Advice To Future Generations: When it comes to high school, don’t mess around. It’s hard to get back up to where you’re supposed to be, it’s mentally and physically draining being so far behind. Also make good relationships with your teachers, it will help you a whole lot and make it a bit easier to attend school.

Parents Names: Carla Foster

Josh Parker