POLSON - A 12-year-old Polson girl is taking it upon herself to spread holiday cheer across Montana by hand-writing Christmas cards for first responders.

Charlotte Kinnoman's goal is to write 12,000 Christmas cards and give one to every first responders she meets. She gives cards out to police, firefighters, sheriff's departments, EMS, and dispatchers.

It all started when Charlotte met a plain clothes officer who had a gun at an event. At first she was afraid, but the officer took the time to explain to her what his duties were and the difference between a person using a gun for good verses bad.

After she learned the difference, Charlotte wanted to give back.

"We got Christmas cards to make them feel like somebody notices them," said Charlotte.

For months, Charlotte and her mother Cassey Kinnamon write about 125 holiday cards a day, just to stay on schedule.

"Everybody that was in uniform, she was telling them, I'm sending you a Christmas card this year, and so we held her to it," said Cassey.

Through Charlotte's journey of spreading holiday cheer throughout the treasure state, she has been able to form great relationships with law enforcement, even the canine kind.

Charlotte is also thankful for her school friends who also help write cards and reach her goals.

Right now Charlotte's cards are funded by her family and donations from people that want to help Charlotte spread love and holiday cheer to our service men and women.

Charlotte and her mother will start delivering holiday cards this Friday, and for anyone who would like to donate money or cards to help fund Charlotte's project, you can do so at this link

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