BILLINGS - Construction on Concourse "A" at the Billings Logan International Airport should be mostly finished in January 2022, according to Director of Aviation and Transit for Billings Kevin Ploehn.

"It's been very exciting," Ploehn said. "I haven't been sleeping as well as I used to, but it's been very exciting."

Right now, construction crews are installing windows and siding.

Ploehn said the jet bridges will be installed in January. Then, the concourse should be ready for flights in March 2022.

"The jet bridges are built, but the installer is swamped," Ploehn said. "Everybody's putting in new jet bridges right now for some reason. So, he can't get here until January."

Starting in mid-January, people exiting their flights will be directed through the new "A" Concourse. The reason for that, Ploehn said, is that construction on the "B" Concourse will begin. When that construction begins, the walkway going to baggage claim (the one people use right now) will be torn up.

"The phasing on how to move people around, especially what's coming up this winter, has been extremely interesting," Ploehn said. "We've had about four meetings just on that alone to try to figure out how we can make this thing work."

Fortunately, Ploehn said the construction crews bought most of the supplies they needed back when the project was bid. The airport is facing supply chain delays for other items that haven't already been bought.

"The other thing we're having trouble with is seating," he said. "We have to buy a whole bunch of new airport seating. I'm hearing it's anywhere from six months to a year out to get. So, we'll be using some of our older stuff for a while, I'm afraid."

Ploehn added, "We think, from talking to the concessionaires that are going to be bidding this thing, kitchen equipment is six months out."

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