Extra garbage pickup in Billings week of 12-27

BILLINGS, Mont. - The City of Billings will pick up extra trash on residents' regular garbage day the week of Dec. 27.

For the week between Christmas and New Years only, Solid Waste Superintendent for the City of Billings Kyle Foreman said garbage that doesn't fit in your bin will be picked up on your regular garbage day. He said they know people often have a lot of extra boxes and wrapping paper after Christmas.

"For example, if your black trash cart goes out on a Tuesday, put your Christmas boxes and Christmas wrapping paper in a bag, boxed, or whatever, out on Tuesday as well and we will pick that up," he said.

"Usually, the week between Christmas and New Years, we will work a little bit of overtime to get everything collected," Foreman added.

Foreman also warned residents to let hot ashes from the fireplace cool for at least a week before putting them in the garbage bin.

"A lot of people don't realize that ashes and coals take several days, if not a week or two, to really, really cool down," he said. "So, if you put them in your trash cart too early it could potentially set the trash cart on fire depending on how hot they are. But, if there's still a little bit of heat to them, it gets dumped in the truck. And the truck compacts the garbage. So, that friction and that heat as it's compacting could potentially start a fire in the truck."

Foreman started his job in May 2021 and has seen two garbage truck fires since then. 

Foreman also requests that people collapse boxes to ensure those boxes fit better inside the garbage bins. He said if the lid to the garbage bin is able to close, trash doesn't get blown around by the wind.

"We've had two or three wind events in the past four-six weeks," he said. "So, it's a really big issue. So, that's why we ask you to bag your stuff. And that's why we ask that the lid on the trash cart be fully closed."

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