LAUREL, Mont.- A Laurel man is donating part of his liver to his eight-month-old nephew Madden who has a rare liver disease, Bilary Atresia. 

Dustin Hartse said Madden is his brother's son. The donation will take place in mid-February in Colorado, a few days after National Donor Day (February 14). He said his nephew Madden has already had one surgery, which wasn't successful. The next step for Madden's parents was to consider a liver transplant.

"They put him on the list, but he's pretty far down on that list," said Hartse. You've got to be really, really sick to receive one of those. You don't want your eight-month-old baby to get really sick, so a live donor is the best bet."

Hartse said he didn't hesitate to volunteer when he found out they needed a live donor.

"Pretty much as soon as he said they needed a live donor, I made him tell me what the website was," said Hartse. "I got on there and filled out the paperwork."

Hartse said he's been told his recovery will take six to eight weeks. Madden's recovery will be even longer. 

Is Hartse worried about the surgery?

"There's like little things you think about like, 'Oh, I might miss work' and obviously the inconvenience of having surgery," said Hartse. "You know, all that. But, all that stuff is highly overweighed by Madden living a good, normal life with a healthy liver."

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help with costs associated with travel and time off from work. That site is located here.

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