BILLINGS, Mont. - The associate dean of students at MSU Billings said there are 38 rooms set aside for students in quarantine. There are also 38 isolation rooms for students who test positive for COVID-19.

Associate Dean of Students Josh Hulgan said the isolation/quarantine rooms have amenities to help students feel more comfortable while they are there: craft supplies, mini-fridge, microwave, yoga mat and TV. 

The university also has a new mask policy requiring everyone to wear masks in indoor instructional spaces. The new policy began Friday,  September 24. Masks are recommended for other indoor spaces.

"I was kind of expecting it to happen, quite honestly," MSUB Student Magnolia West said. "I'm glad it hasn't gone online quite yet because my freshman year it did at the end of the semester. In the second semester, I failed a good chunk of classes because of it."

"My freshman year got cut kind of short because it was when the pandemic first happened," MSUB Student Kavi Fix said. "And, then I took the RA position and everything kind-of changed due to COVID being in height in Montana. So, I'm just hoping we can still have a good year and run smoothly through classes and this job."

Hulgan added that the university has its own contract tracers who are trained by RiverStone Health. And, he said the university provides COVID-19 testing on campus for students. 

MSUB also has vaccines available on campus for students. He said students who are vaccinated on campus receive a $100 Town Pump gift card. Students who show proof of vaccination elsewhere are entered into a drawing to win a $100 Town Pump gift card.

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