BILLINGS, Mont. - In spite of the cold temperatures, many New Year's celebrations around Billings are continuing as planned.

"It could be thirty below and we're going to keep the doors open," Bartender at Club 90 Patrick McDonald said.

Other businesses also said the cold weather won't change their New Year's Eve plans.

Thirsty Street Brewing Company in Billings said their plan to have a band start at 10 p.m. won't be affected by the cold weather, but they will see if the weather affects attendance at the party.

Daisy Dukes Saloon and Dance Hall in Billings said they are making no adjustments whatsoever.

Hooligans in Billings said their festivities will continue as planned, including a complimentary champagne toast at midnight. They will, however, encourage their guests to plan a ride home early.

"As the evening goes on, about midnight, we're going to have our DJ start reminding our customers and guests to get their Ubers and their Lifts scheduled, so they don't have to be waiting outside in the cold," Manager and bartender Mandy Easton said. "Our bartenders and servers will also be reminding our guests as they are wrapping up their evening to be prepared: put their coats on before they head outside and make sure they have their ride ready to go."

The New Year's Eve Cattle Bowl in Big Timber won't be affected by the weather either.

Crazy Peak Cattle Women said:

"The New Year's Eve Cattle Bowl in Big Timber is still a go! We have not changed any plans due to the cold weather. The event is a fundraiser for the Crazy Peak Cattle Women, and as cattle producers our members are familiar with working in all types of weather. Ranchers don't get snow days!  We will be toasty warm in the newly remodeled American Legion in Big Timber and look forward to a fun night of dancing, food, and celebration with friends." 

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